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HR Consultant

Employer Branding, HR Marketing (incl Analytics), German Labor Law

During my Masters in Economics I have specialized  in HR. After some time in Recruiting as well as the administrative part of HR I decided to dig deeper into Employer Brand and HR Marketing. While I was with Territory embrace an Employer Brand agency within Bertelsmann I have been consulting several big German corporates. The last couple of years I spent managing global and European projects with the Amazon Employer Brand team of course with an immense focus on HR analytics.

If you are in need of someone who has years of experience when it comes to Employer Branding, HR Marketing and Analytics don't hesitate to contact me. Together we'll find your USP, we'll look at your funnel and check how to build or improve to ensure you'll attract the right target group and get the talent you'll need to succeed. Additionally we'll look at your data, analyze it and ensure your costs and ROI will stay in balance. 

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