Hi I am Julia and I am happy you've found your way to my website. 

I love everything I do. My mission is to bring the yoga and business world together. I am very passionate about a lot of things mainly HR, yoga and mindfulness though. 

Yoga & Mindfulness

Join my online yoga courses. You can drop in or book the whole course and get a certificate.

New courses start in January.

Your German health insurance will support and refund money to you 

(Präventiosnkurse §20 SGB V).

HR Consultant

Reach out to me if you need any support. 

  • Employer Branding
  • HR Marketing
  • Projectmanagement
  • Team Strategy
  • New Work

Essential Oils

They support your mood and can influence your whole system. I have created special blends you can buy to help you wind down and relax or focus and feel more energized.