Hi and welcome to my website - I am Julia!

I am an Employer Branding and Marketing enthusiast and simply love to help find the right match for talents and companies. Bringing your company culture into a funnel and attract the right talents along the way is something I am passionate about! 

I also love to teach (and of course practice) Yoga. One translation of yoga is union. Uniting the body, breath & mind and bringing it all into the present moment. Sounds simple but as a practice I find it very challenging. Have you ever tried it? 

I have a busy lifestyle where yoga and mindfulness practices keep me sane. This is why I would like to share this approach with everyone. 


Why mindfulness is for you?

  • It will increase empathy. People will become more self-aware and will be more able to manage their reactions which will lead to an increase in empathy.
  • It will reduce sickness rates. One of the best strategies in coping with stress. Connecting to the body and mind will help to thicken the prefrontal cortex (part of the brain that is in charge of cognitive control) which will at some point trigger proaction (realizing when its getting too much) rather than a reaction.
  • This can be one of your Employer Branding tools as you are investing in your most important resource.

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©Michael Romacker
©Michael Romacker