I have started leading my own team in my early twenties and have done a couple of leadership trainings ever since. I am very keen to always learn more and grow to become a better leader every day. However, I found that normal leadership trainings are not showing the bigger picture and not delivering results in a way they could do.

Want to learn how to focus better? Want to create a better team culture? Want to explore new coping strategies for stress?

Mindfulness increases empathy due to a higher level of self-awareness. Working with mindfulness will therefore help everyone in your company. Your team lead to become a better leader, the team culture in general as well as the whole company to attract the right talent that is keen to invest in themselves.

Mindfulness also reduces the impact of stress and will help your company and team with reduced sickness rates and a more healthy work environment. 

1:1 - mindful leadership

Looking for sessions for your leaders or are you a leader yourself? 1:1 sessions individually adjusted to your needs - whenever and wherever. Learn how to become a more resourceful leader by living a more mindful life.  

Teams - team culture

Teams can benefit from mindfulness sessions as well. Become more aware of yourself and see how this can have an effect on the whole team feeling. Understand when a person gets triggered and is in fight or flight mode and get tools to achieve your goals all together. 

Comapny Sessions

Get weekly sessions (or chose a different interval) for your whole company where everyone can join who wants to bring more mindfulness into their life. Learn about triggers such as patience or self-doubt and how mindfulness techniques can help to create coping mechanisms.