Why should talents apply for your open positions or company in general? What is your USP? How and where can you find your specific target group and why is a career website still important to have?

If you can't answer those questions you should definitely invest into your Employer Branding - most roles are quite similar these days and everyone is looking for the same talents but is this really true? I believe everyone and every company is unique. Let's spend more time and dive deep into your true company culture. I will help you to figure out your USP and your personas and of course how to target and find them. It's an invest worth trying.

I have been working with a lot of different corporates on figuring out their strategy on Employer Branding and how to target a suitable target group. The last couple of years I spent building the Employer Brand of Amazon Fulfillment across Europe and can also help and share knowledge for companies operating in Europe.

Send me an email and let's have a chat about your challenge you think you are facing.